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I think you can improve your work. But there are also some good things.

Things to Improve (IMO):
- use a better Piano Patch or in general better Patches
- You are fading in the Piano, which does not sound great, because it takes that natural feeling of it. Instead you could try to start without fading in, or try to play a deep Note at the beginning. or so. Fading is pretty bad if you are doing a Classical type of Song.
- IMO your song has to few deep Frequencys (no Contrabass, or Cello)
- you could try to add some Strings in general.
- try to replace the Piano, by using Flutes or Strings, or maybe some winds
- Add a second Voice to your Piano, so it does not repeat so much
- add some Reverb to your Intruments.

Good Things
- I really like the Intro/Outro/ARP stuff
- I really like the Bells

If you want I can help you a Bit.

SinZLazTWordZ responds:

Wow, been a long time since I have seen such a detailed review, I am pleased.
Firstly, thank you for taking the time to review, I do agree with most of these opinions and will be going over this track again.
Secondly, I would love some help, I am always looking to collab so if you wouldn't mind throwing me a PM with some ways I can get in contact with you after I go over this again I would love to send it your way.


the beginning of your song is very Hardstylish with that drums, then after some time the dubstep part beginns

- Dubstep Part
- Beginning (the voice)
- good Pads, lead and instruments
- good atmosphere (e.g. voices, that raven)
- ending
- different parts are well glued together

things you can improve in my opinion
- Vary your wobble Bass
Tip: to get clean transitions between the different wobble speeds, Bounce your bass in a audiofile and chop it then into pieces, so you can cut them to make a clean transition.
- that Hardstyle Drums (only my opinion), dont fit into the horror theme well
- the Piano sounds a bit to compressed at the end
tip: try to take a bit of the reverb away

YouriX responds:

Thank you for the well formulated review :D
The hardstyle kick i used sound alot like the traditional madness songs. Thats why i used it. Also thanks for the tips! Really thankfull for that! ;)

Reminds me of some kinda Stealth-Game (Splinter Cell, Hitman) melody.

- Background percussion (great loop)
- I like the lead that is at 02:16 (this arp synth)
- I like all intruments
- mixing is very good
- atmosphere fits very good for that "Terror From The Deep" theme

Things you can, in my opinion, improve on this song:
- hard transition at 02:19 and
- a bit repititive between 2:00 and 2:19 and you can hear that you copied that loop, that replays a bit later
Tipp: add sometimes a Pad which sounds interesting (only one long note) or vary that loop by adding a second voice to play chords together (2 notes)
- percussion also a bit repititive
- a final for your song is missing, but you are trying to get a ending by repeating the last few notes, but there is something missing like a Drum hit at the end.
- ending note is missing (simply take the first note of that repeating loop at the end and play it at the end, make it a bit longer maybe)
- let some space between the end of the song and the end of the file lenght, so that the dynamics like the hall can decay

All in all a great song, but you can improve it at some places

Aelkamal responds:

What a review! i'll take into account what you said. thanks for the tips! and check my soundcloud page for a few more....

The start of the song and some instruments reminds me of a song from C418.

- great start of the song
- good intruments
- good progression

things you can improve in my opinion
- at 01:14 you are sidechaining the intruments without playing the Drums
Try to make the sidechaining a bit weaker, that would sound alot better. as a result, the
song wont sound so choppy
- vary the Piano line a bit (the octave jumping piano) maybe make it a tiny bit quieter
- somehow i almost cant hear the instrument that is starting at 01:15 and at 3:33, thats why it is so

DJHersher responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I've gone over my project and tweaked those parts.Sounds much better!



You can absolutely hear the influences of Mario Kart and the rainbow track.

Great Arp lead, but it would sound better if you add a third voice after some time which accompanies the lead arp, so you'll get some change in the loop and you can add some 8-bit'ish Drums

Great Cinematic, but the ending sounds a bit weird

DFDCinematic responds:

- All sorted!

- great sphere
- very slow
- good for use in a game like "Machinarium"

UnholySeer responds:

Thank you.

add hall effect this would be nice

Sounds like a song in Super Meat Boy

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